NANO1000 - Green Stone Sealer

Invisible Environmentally Green Nanotechnology Treatment for Porous Materials. Nano1000 is the premier green stone sealer available today.

Professional Strength
n.: the manipulation of materials on an atomic or molecular scale.The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
nanometer n.: one billionth of a meter.The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

NANO1000 Characteristics:
  • 100% U.V. Proof
  • Water-based
  • No VOC Formula
  • Transparent/Invisible finish
  • Permeates 100% below the surface
  • Lifetime No Peel Warranty
  • Contains No Silicone or Acrylics
  • Stops water damage including damage from saline pool systems
  • Permanent non-sacrificial graffiti treatment
  • Five Year Warranty - 10 year effectiveness
Designed for Porous Surfaces:
  • Concrete - any unpainted or uncoated
  • Stone - travertine, limestone, patios, pool, porches, countertops
  • Brick, Pavers - buildings, floorings, roads
  • All types of grout
  • Indoors and outdoors - kitchens, bathrooms, patios, porches
Blocks Weather Damage and Stains:
  • Water - won't cause freeze thaw damage. Prevents saline water damage, mold, and mildew stains - caused by water penetration
  • Auto spills - oil, transmission and brake fluid
  • Drinks - red wine, coffee, sodas
  • Paint, Graffiti
  • Food Spill, Organic Decay, Blood
  • Difficult staining materials
NANO1000 is transparent and will not alter the color or texture of the allowable surface to which it is applied. Easy to apply - roll it on, spray it on, wipe it on - full wet saturation is all that is necessary. It minutely penetrates 100% below the surface, and once cured, it stabilizes the surface to protect it.
  • No need for Silicon Sealers that do not work long-term and harm the environment.
  • Obsoletes Acrylic Polymers that scratch and peel and are not biodegradable.
  • Outperforms poisonous oil-based treatments that run off into our drinking water.
  • Proven effective on Historic Sites in Great Britain, and now available in the USA.
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