K-Grip is the simple and safe solution for creating non-slip surfaces

A simple, safe, odorless, and non-toxic product, K-Grip has been used on steel steps in parking garages, on rubber ramps and teak and stone steps and flooring on cruise ships, and on the stone and concrete steps of government buildings,monuments, banks, and churches. K-Grip has been specified to be used on the wooden steps of a yacht club in Wisconsin, steps at an airport in London, and in areas of the subway for the NYC Transit.

K-Grip is an innovative silane modified resin formulation containing quartz and emery portions as well as coupling agents for the simple and reliable creation of slip-resistant profiles.

The special formulation of K-Grip offers the following advantages:

Ideally suited for new construction and renovation of slippery areas as well as existing slip resistant strips such as sandblasting, PVC inserts, Ferodo strips, etc. which may have deteriorated and fail to supply the required slip resistance.
Very low health risk compared to epoxy based materials.